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About Jesse and the Band

My Story


Rick Eisel aka Jesse

Rick grew up working in his family's restaurant which was started by his parents first time on stage 11. He served in the Air Force, Security & Law Enforcement division; where he studied business and law. Rick started a bakery equipment business in 1982 and has been working in the field ever since. His 30+ years experience in the industry have given him the tools and knowledge necessary to own and operate Production Line Equipment. Rick continues to drive the entrepreneurial spirit and growth of his company.

What Inspires me

What inspired me to do this album is that alone i cant show as much appreciation as all of us working together. 

Playing the Legion post 242 in Orlando, and the VFW, along with playing the Hard Rock in Memphis for American legion post number 1 .  These people deserve to be shown clearly that they are appreciated  

CD released today

The Album is dedicated to all the Veterans , Active duty, and their families, all proceeds will go toward producing more albums for the cause. This is Jesse's way of showing his application for all you have done.  

Rick Eisel aka Jesse serviced in the USAF

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